බුදු දහම යෙහෙන් උගත් ඉස්ලාමීය දරුවෝ
April 29, 2019
පාලි අටුවාවල පෙනෙන පැරණි ලාංකේය විද්‍යාව හා තාක්ෂණය
October 28, 2019


As means of spreading the message of the Buddha in English to the all corners of the world, Lyceum International School Nugegoda, under the patronage of Mohan Lal Grero Foundation, has taken the initiative to establish ‘Bhikkhu Education Unit Lyceum’ with a view to teach English language and English Dhamma preaching to Buddhist monks and nuns free-of-charge.

The Buddhist monks and nuns, both local and foreign, have the luxury to attend these courses irrespective of their age as there is no age requirement to learn a second language. As revealed by the administration of the Bhikkhu Education Unit Lyceum, nearly over 2000 monks and nuns have attended and duly benefitted from this program over the past eleven years and we are pleased to hear that some of them have partaken in international Dhamma propagation programs in the countries like Canada, Australia, UK and the US etc. for the betterment of the many.

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